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On March 1st, we will be upgrading our computer system and migrating from single family style accounts to individual patient accounts.   

As a result of this upgrade, at your next visit, we will verify each child’s demographic and financial information, as well as obtain a new copy of each child’s insurance card.

How will you be affected?

  • You will need to bring all insurance cards to your next appointment.

  • Temporarily, the registration and check-in process may be longer. (Arriving 15-20 mins early will help reduce wait times)

  • You will now receive separate billing statements for each child.

This upgrade will help us to better serve you. We thank you for your patience as we transition.



As you may already know, there have been 2 confirmed cases of measles in the Spencerport School District consisting of siblings who attend Canal View Elementary School. The Monroe County Health Department is involved and the proper precautions are being taken. 

Most importantly, your child is considered to be up-to-date with their measles vaccine if:

  1. the child is >12 months & <4 years old and has received the 1st MMR vaccine.

  2. if the child is >4 years old and has received 2 doses of MMR vaccine. 

If the above is true for your child(ren), and there has been no known exposure to measles, then the information below is FYI about this very serious illness. 


**NOTE: If you have chosen to not vaccinate your child(ren) for measles, please read the following information:
– To protect your children and other vulnerable patients in our waiting room, we ask that your children not be brought to our office for the next 3 weeks.  If your child has an urgent medical issue that cannot wait, please call and discuss with a nurse so we may make special arrangements to see your child.  

– Protection with MMR vaccine now, even after exposure, may prevent or lessen the severity of measles. Please call for a nurse visit  if you would like to protect your children from measles. 

  • What is measles?

    Measles is a serious respiratory disease that causes a rash and fever. It is very contagious. You can catch it just by being in a room where someone with measles coughed or sneezed.

    • 9 out of 10 unprotected patients will be infected if sharing the same space as someone who has measles.

    • The air space is contagious up to 2 hours after the ill patient has left the area. 

  • What are the symptoms?

    Symptoms usually appear about 10 to 12 days after a person is exposed to measles. The first symptoms are usually:

    • High fever

    • Cough

    • Runny nose

    • Red watery eyes

    • Rash 

      • Usually appears 2 to 4 days after the fever begins and lasts 5 to 6 days. 

      • Begins at the hairline, moves to the face and neck, down the body and then to the arms and legs. 

      • Small red spots, some of which are slightly raised. Spots and bumps in tight clusters give the skin a splotchy red appearance.


A few important facts:

1) A person with measles can pass it to others from 4 days before a rash appears through the 4th day after the rash appears. Before the rash, symptoms are similar to a routine viral cold w/ runny nose and cough. 

2)  An exposed individual may come down with measles any time in the next 21 days.

3) Measles is a serious disease especially for children under 5 years old and the elderly.

o    About 1 in 4 people in the U.S. who get measles will be hospitalized.

o    Many people with measles have complications such as diarrhea, ear infections or pneumonia.

o    1 out of every 1,000 people with measles will develop brain swelling, which could lead to brain damage and deafness.

o    1 or 2 out of 1,000 people with measles will die, even with the best care.

o    Measles during pregnancy increases the risk of early labor, miscarriage and low birth weight infants.

Is there a treatment for measles?
There is no treatment but acetaminophen and ibuprofen may be taken to reduce a fever. People with measles also need bed rest and fluids. They also may need treatment for complications such as diarrhea, an ear infection or pneumonia.

More information can be found at the New York State Department of Health website

Schedule Vaccine Boosters!

Did you know…?

You can schedule a Nurse Visit 6 months from now for your child to receive their booster dose of Gardasil (HPV) and/or Trumenba (meningitis B) vaccines? 


Did you know…?

The providers at Genesis Pediatrics recommend that patients complete these vaccine series as soon as it is possible – you don’t have to wait 1 year until your child’s next physical. 

Don’t wait!  Call us at 585-426-4100 to schedule a Nurse Visit!


Upcoming Holiday Hours!

Here are the upcoming office hours at Genesis Pediatrics for the Holiday Season!

Monday, December 24th (Christmas Eve):                                                 8:00 am – 12 noon

Tuesday, December 25th (Christmas Day):                                              Office Closed

Wednesday, December 26th:                                                                              Open 8:00 am – 3:00pm

Monday, December 31st (New Year’s Eve):                                                 8:00 am – 12 noon

Tuesday, January 1st (New Year’s Day):                                                     Office Closed

Genesis Pediatrics wishes you and your family Happy Holidays!

RECALL ALERT: Infant Ibuprofen

Infant ibuprofen sold at several national retailers is being recalled because it might contain a higher concentration of ibuprofen than the normal 50mg per 1.25ml. 

New Jersey-based Tris Pharma, Inc. said lots sold under Walmart, CVS Pharmacy and Family Dollar brands are impacted by the recall. The company says it has not received any reports of adverse events related to the recall.

Walmart sells the product under the “Equate” label; CVS sells it under the “CVS Health” label and Family Dollar sells it under the “Family Wellness” label.


The lots numbers for impacted products:

00717009A, 00717015A, 00717024A from Walmart

00717024A from CVS

00717024A from Family Dollar

The packages are labeled with NDC (National Drug Code) numbers of:

49035-125-23 from Walmart

59779-925-23 from CVS

55319-250-23 from Family Dollar 

A Special Announcement…

Theresa A. Agostinelli, PNPAfter 20 incredible and glorious years delivering care to our Genesis Pediatrics family, Theresa Agostinelli PNP, will be expanding her passion for working with pediatric patients to providing massage therapy for those in chronic pain.  She will start therapeutic massage school in January 2019 and be ready to go as a palliative care massage therapist later in the year.

It has been a very difficult decision for Theresa to separate herself from the wonderful, blessed staff and families of Genesis Pediatrics.    But, now is the time for her to accomplish this one last professional goal and we are very proud of her!

We hope you keep in touch with Theresa, who has fondly watched your beautiful families grow over the years. You will all remain a special part of her heart.

If you see her before her departure at the end of the month, please wish her well! She will be greatly missed.