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Genesis Pediatrics’ Food Pantry

Genesis Pediatrics collected 172 non-perishable items at the 2018 Fall Festival!  Thank you to all who donated items for our Food Pantry. 

SAVE THE DATE!  Our Fall Festival will be on…                                Saturday, September 21, 2019

We are currently looking for the following items:





Peanut butter





Granola bars

If you happen to have any of these items in your pantry and are willing to donate to our food pantry, we would be very grateful.

We will soon be collecting items for Thanksgiving, so please consider donating for our families in need.

GP Phones are Down!

Spectrum has an outage right now in the area and unfortunately, Genesis Pediatric phones are down. We will make it known when they are back up and running!  

Say Boo to the Flu! Facts & Misconceptions

The flu season is upon us which means that it’s time for flu shots!

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the flu shot. So, let’s do a reality check.

FACT:  Last season,more than 80,000 people died from flu-related illnesses in the U.S. — the highest death toll in more than 40 years. 

FACT: Last season, 172 children (a record number) died. Approximately 80% of these deaths occurred in children who did not receive a flu vaccination. 

FACT: Flu vaccinations save lives. That’s why it’s so important for everyone 6 months and older to get a flu vaccine every year.

FACT: The U.S. vaccination rate hovers at about 47 percent a year. This is far below the 70 percent target. 


If you’re on the fence about getting a flu shot for your child (or yourself), here are 5 arguments to twist your arm.

1. Everyone is vulnerable.

Healthy adults die from the flu. Adults who are age 65 and older are particularly vulnerable.

Healthy children die from flu, too. 

According to the CDC, 172 American children and teens (under the age of 18) died from the flu last winter. Eighty percent of them had not received a flu vaccine. And about half had no underlying illnesses before getting the flu. In other words, they had been healthy children.

2. Getting a flu shot is your civic duty.

Everybody gets the flu from somebody else. According to the CDC, people who have caught the flu virus are contagious one day before they start to feel sick and for up to seven days after. 

So getting the flu shot will help protect your family, friends and co-workers. And CHILDREN!

3. If you get the flu vaccine, you can still get the flu, but you won’t be as sick.

After last winter’s severe season, some people are skeptical. They say: “Our family got the flu shot, but we still caught the flu.”

In fact, the 2017-18 season was the deadliest in more than 40 years. There was a very vicious virus, the so-called H3N2 influenza strain. 

And yes, it’s true that the vaccine does not offer complete protection. The CDC estimates that flu vaccination reduces the risk of the virus by about 40 to 60 percent. Think of it this way: If you catch the flu, the vaccine does still offer some protection. It cushions the blow. Your illness is likely to be milder if you’ve had a flu shot. You’re less likely to get pneumonia (a major complication of the flu), and less likely to be hospitalized.

4. Pregnant women who get the flu shot protect their babies from flu.

Women who are pregnant should be vaccinated to protect themselves. The vaccine also offers protection for unborn babies, as antibodies are passed across the placenta. This will protect the baby during the first six months of life, until the baby is old enough to be vaccinated.

5. You cannot get flu from the flu vaccine.

We repeat.

You cannot get the flu from the flu shot. 

The most common side effects are a sore arm, and perhaps a little swelling. Only 1 to 2 percent of people get a degree of fever. That is not the flu. These are true flu symptoms. That is the body reacting to the vaccine, which is common after most vaccines.

The flu is unpredictable. It’s too soon to know what to expect this winter.

Don’t wait. The time to vaccinate your child is right now. We are schedule appointments for our flu clinics right now so call our office today!  



Kinda catchy, isn’t it? 



This is a FREE EVENT open to the public!  
Bring a non-perishable food item to donate to Genesis Pediatrics’ Food Pantry to receive a raffle ticket for multiple prize drawings throughout the day!

There will be twice as many vendors this year including…

Bounce house
JoJo’s Cool Bus

Special Guests…’The Happy Pirates‘ will set sail at Genesis Pediatrics from 1-2pm!

Family Fall Fun Day in Rochester, NY