Pediatric Care in Rochester, NY

As parents, especially if this is your first child, you often have questions and concerns. Our Parent Information section is here to help address some of the more common issues we are often asked about as pediatricians.

We have compiled some of our own resources (including an electronic version of our colorful GAP packet for home remedies, handouts on breastfeeding, our immunization schedule, etc) and added to them some of our favorite resources from the web.

Pediatric Health Resources

Well Child Care

Besides providing routine health care, well-child visits at Genesis Pediatrics are important because they are effective in helping to prevent and detect illnesses and problems before symptoms occur.

Health and Wellness

We monitor, diagnose, and treat developmental and physical concerns as your child grows, including obesity. Click below for great sources of information on general health topics, safety, nutrition, and immunizations.

Adolescent Care – Children and Teens

We provide sports physicals and other care for school-age children, including vision and hearing screenings.

Vision and Hearing Screenings

With all of this rapid growth and the standard amount of chaos that comes along with raising a child, it can be easy to miss new health problems. This is what makes regular screenings and checkups so important.

Developmental Milestones – Child Development

Many children develop at different ages and stages, however, there are some developmental milestones that are common for most children. These milestones are vital to observe and track to ensure the healthy development of your child and identify opportunities to help.

Newborn Care

Great websites on the care of your newborn, breastfeeding advice, and some of our office handouts on these same topics.

Breastfeeding Support

Many of our nurses are lactation-certified and are here to help. You can also check our breastfeeding FAQs for breastfeeding tips.

Breastfeeding FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about breastfeeding.

Behavioral and Mental Health

Behavioral Health Our pediatricians work to identify mental health disorders early on and provide treatment and recommendations.

ADHD Management

Correctly diagnosing and treating your child is important for success at school and at home.

Sick Child Care

Is your child showing symptoms? Schedule a sick child visit today!

child with allergies.

Illness and Injuries

Links to resources on home care of simple illnesses and injuries.

Guide to The Flu

Think you know everything about the flu? Learn how to prevent getting the flu and how to treat it.

Strep and Mono

These tests help us to conclude accurate results regarding illnesses that may be affecting your child.

Ear Infections

An ear infection is an infection that occurs in the space behind the eardrum, usually when bacteria or virus trap fluid causing pain and swelling.

Pink Eye

The outer lining of your eyeball is called the conjunctiva. When this part of your eye becomes inflamed, it is known as conjunctivitis or pink eye.


We’ll review your child’s symptoms and medical history, and do a physical examination to diagnose pediatric asthma.


Starting June 1, 2024, all refill requests for controlled substances (ie. stimulant medications) must go through the Patient Portal.