Lactation Consulting in Rochester, NY

Deciding to breastfeed your baby is one of the greatest gifts you can give your newborn.

Breastfeeding benefits both you and your baby in many ways. This includes mother-baby bonding, health benefits for you and your baby, nutrition, and cost-savings. Even though breastfeeding is a natural process, it doesn’t always come naturally! Breastfeeding is a learned skill that requires both patience and practice.

At Genesis Pediatrics, we believe it is important to offer all the support and encouragement you need to successfully breastfeed your baby for as long as you wish. The majority of the nurses at our pediatric office are highly trained in lactation consulting and are lactation certified. If you are having difficulties breastfeeding and would like to request a consultation, call (585) 426-4100 to schedule an appointment at our pediatric office in Rochester today!

What is a lactation consultant?

A lactation consultant is medical professional who is dedicated to providing recommendations and educational resources to new mothers who have questions or problems with breastfeeding their child. Lactation consultants will work with each mom individually and find solutions that work for them. It is important to know that every woman’s breastfeeding experience is uniquely different and there is no one-size-fits-all answer to breastfeeding.

Women may begin working with a lactation consultant even before their baby is born in order to get a clear idea of what to expect once they begin breastfeeding

What to expect at your lactation consultation visit

During your first visit, the lactation consultant will:

  • Ask to review the history of your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and medical history
  • Conduct a brief exam of you and your baby
  • Review the baby’s weight gain
  • Answer the questions you have about nursing
  • Ask you to breastfeed while the consultant observes
  • Help you with positioning and proper latch
  • Help you to recognize symptoms of a productive feeding

Your lactation consultant’s expertise encompasses a wide range of breastfeeding topics, such as:

  • What to expect during the early days of breastfeeding
  • Establishing your milk supply
  • How to tell if your baby is getting enough milk
  • How to prevent/overcome common problems such as engorgement and sore nipples
  • Review how to properly use a breast pump
  • Collecting, handling and storing breast milk
  • Combining breast and bottle feeding

What should I bring to my first lactation consultation visit?

Please bring the following to your visit:

  • Your baby, who should be ready to feed during your appointment
  • Any breastfeeding equipment that is currently being used or was used in the hospital. You do not need to bring a breast pump
  • Nursing pillows if you prefer to bring your own

Take a Breastfeeding Class

The Lactation team at Genesis Pediatrics offers a Lactation Breastfeeding Class usually on the 1st Tuesday of every month from 6:00pm-8:00pm. Due to COVID, this class is being offered via Zoom. 

The next breastfeeding classes will be on June 4th, July 9th, and August 6th.

Request a Laction Consultation Visit

Contact Genesis Pediatrics at (585) 426-4100  to schedule your lactation consultation visit with one of our specially trained lactation consultants today! You may also like to consult our breastfeeding FAQs page for answers to commonly asked questions.


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