Just One More Reason to Check…

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In recent weeks, there have been reports about inappropriate content hidden within kid-appropriate YouTube videos.  There have been multiple videos found on YouTube Kids that revealed hidden suicide instructions or characters that are encouraging children to commit high-risk acts.  The most recent trend called the “Momo Challenge” consists of a terrifying doll named “Momo” that asks the viewer to participate in ‘challenges’ that range from harmless to deadly.  

We highly encourage monitoring your child’s internet activity, but with this latest trend, we caution you…

  • to pay very close attention to what your child may be viewing.

  • to talk with them often about what types of videos they are watching and what they may be learning about.

  • to check their search history regularly.

  • to check the settings on their device, as these can be adjusted for age.

Here are recent stories from 13WHAM news and the Democrat & Chronicle about this topic. 

Regardless if this is a hoax or a video that lures our children to harm themselves, parents need to be aware of any app that may expose children to unsafe topics, thoughts and/or behaviors. Though it may feel overwhelming, monitoring online activity on phones, devices, and computers is important to setting safe boundaries and maintaining age-appropriate discussions.

This is just one more reason to check in with your kids and talk with them every day!