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COVID Testing Results

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COVID Testing Results

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When Should I Expect My Child’s COVID Test Results?

If your child was swabbed for COVID, either in our COVID office or at an Urgent Care, it will be a minimum of 48 hours before our office receives those results.  Please do not call  us for these results!  As soon as we receive your child’s results, we will notify you, either with a phone call, or with a portal message (for those who have an activated portal).

Our office is being inundated with phone calls about COVID testing results. Please help us to minimize these calls by waiting for our office to notify you with the results.

Your Child’s Health is our #1 Priority.

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COVID and Flu vaccines

We are scheduling appointments for COVID vaccine as Nurse visits. Please call the office to schedule: 585-426-4100.

Learn More About COVID and Flu Vaccines