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RSV Respiratory Syncytial Virus written in a notebook on white table

RSV Cases Surging: What Parents Should Know

The last 18 months have been both frightening and frustrating for parents. The pandemic and everything that occurred around it has upended families and especially children. The CDC has recently issued a health advisory for clinicians and caregivers about the increased interseasonal RSV activity in the southern United States. After thinking we were beginning to see progress with so many Americans getting vaccinated, suddenly we are being told RSV cases are surging. Here’s what parents should know.

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Sad little child, boy, hugging his mother at home

How To Help Your Child With Their Anxiety

Childhood anxiety has become much more prevalent in the last decade. Aside from the “normal” kinds of fears kids have, like being frightened by the sound of thunder, by being in the dark, or the monster under the bed, there can be other more serious fears that remain with them as they grow.

If you have wondered how to help your child with their anxiety, we are here to offer some guidance.

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COVID and Flu vaccines

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