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Do You Have the Patient Portal?

Did you know…? 

Genesis Pediatrics has a Patient Portal available to all of our patient families.  It is a way for caregivers to communicate with our staff and obtain patient information, whether it be a non-urgent medical question to be answered, or the need to obtain a letter/form or lab results. It is also a way for caregivers to update family and social history in their child’s medical record.

It should not be used for urgent or emergent medical questions.

Did you know…?

Our Patient Portal has the capability to attach a document (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, Word and Excel) to a portal message. This will allow our patients to securely submit forms requiring completion by a provider (for school, Boy Scouts, summer camp, college, volunteering, etc). 

Did you know…?

There is a 3 business day turn around for Portal message responses. Although our nursing staff tends to respond more quickly, please know that this is our policy. If you have a more urgent issue, please call the office at 585-426-4100. 

If you don’t have the Patient Portal, please ask for an activation code at your next visit!


There are no walk-in appointments! We understand that wait times on the phone are very long due to high call volumes. Scheduled appointments are necessary.