COVID Vaccine Questions

COVID Vaccines
We have been receiving phone calls about getting their child a COVID vaccine. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information than what is available on the New York State Department of Health website. 
Please refer to the Phased Distribution of COVID Vaccine at the link below:
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Anticipating Return to School…

Return to School During COVID-19

What Is Our Opinion?
A big question parents have right now is how students can go back to school safely during COVID-19. You may be seeking an opinion from your provider here at Genesis Pediatrics regarding whether or not you should send your child(ren) back to in classroom learning.Continue reading

IMPORTANT: Well Child Checks for Children Age 3 Years & Older

COVID19 Restrictions for Non-Essential Medical Visits
The Monroe County Medical Society recommends any non-essential patient visits that are currently scheduled for the next two weeks be cancelled. If you had a well child visit for a child 3 years or older scheduled between 3/17/2020 and 3/27/2020,Continue reading