Asymptomatic COVID Testing

Asymptomatic COVID Testing
If you believe that you or your child has been exposed to COVID, you will be contacted by the Health Department IF you are considered a close contact and require testing.  Please do not call the office because we will tell you to wait for direction from the Health Department.Continue reading

Yellow Zone Restrictions for Schools in Monroe County

Yellow Zone Restrictions for Schools
We understand there are many questions about Governor Cuomo’s announcement yesterday regarding the testing of students and staff in the school districts in the Yellow Zone. 
We do not have all of the answers yet. Continue reading

Anticipating Return to School…

Return to School During COVID-19

What Is Our Opinion?
A big question parents have right now is how students can go back to school safely during COVID-19. You may be seeking an opinion from your provider here at Genesis Pediatrics regarding whether or not you should send your child(ren) back to in classroom learning.Continue reading