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At Home Tips To Help Your Child With ADHD

The first tip when learning to deal with your child with ADHD is not to panic. Your whole life is not turning upside down. It may feel that way, but with some support from professionals, you can easily learn at home tips to help your child with ADHD.

What Exactly Is ADHD?

You may think your child is misbehaving, when in fact they have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). They may be less attentive, easily distracted, hyperactive, and impulsive. This condition makes it harder for them to develop skills that control attention, behavior, emotions, and activity.

Yes, coping with a child who has ADHD can be challenging at times, and normal house rules may not apply in some situations. Once you realize and accept your child’s symptoms, you will need to practice new approaches.

Constructive Ways to Manage Your Child With ADHD

There are at home ways to manage behavior. Forget what others may think of your child and focus on him or her only.

Have Structure And Consistency

Keep a regular schedule and stick to it every single day. Follow through on routines around bedtime, meals, and homework. Be sure your child brushes his/her teeth before bed and lays out clothes for the next day. Do this everyday, and you have structure and routine.

Practice Positive Reinforcement

Once you have set out the structure and family rules, expect them to be followed. It won’t be quite as easy as with other children, but it can still work. When your child with ADHD completes a required task like turning off the TV when told to, something as simple as “good job” could be the reward.

At the same time, unacceptable behavior must be dealt with immediately and, of course, consistently. Yelling or loud reprimands will not help. Instead, help your child understand certain behaviors will not be tolerated, and their actions have consequences, both good and bad. Any correction should be done in a supportive, encouraging,  and caring way. Always lean toward the positive side, so they will crave that.

Stay In Constant Communication

Always let your child know what is expected when you go out in public.

  • Set small reachable goals
  • Focus on what to do rather than what not to do.
  • Explain about a “time out” and when that might need to occur and why
  • Keep commands or instructions short to diffuse any frustration
  • Always consider their self esteem in all you do and say

Find Support Groups

Call our pediatric clinic at 585-426-4100 for recommended support groups in the area or online.

Contact our board-certified pediatricians to find a behavioral therapist to provide additional at home tips for your child with ADHD.


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