Remember Walk In Hours, M-F 8-9am

Medical mask for sick child

Genesis Pediatrics provides walk-ins Monday through Friday, 8 – 9 am. 

Why would I walk in?

Genesis provides urgent care when you need it! At this time of day, we have medical staff with no pre-scheduled visits to serve you. All you have to do is wait until the next Doctor or NP is available and you can be seen without an appointment, first come/first served. This can be tremendously convenient instead of having to call ahead or because you had a “long night” with …..

What would I come in for?

Walk-in for new onset illnesses or injuries. Just like at Urgent Care.

You’ll be happier and help everyone else get seen too when you take the time to make a scheduled appointment for any illness, injury, or other medical issue that is a week or more old or is a physical of some type. If you’re not sure, you can see the examples below for more guidance. You can always make an appointment for any type visit if you have a “too-tight” schedule today.

• Wheezing
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Ear ache
• Sore throat
• Cough
• Pink eye
• Rash
• Burning with urination
• Limping
• Injuries or new bone pain
• Burns
• Bites
• Ear checks

Make sure you have all the time you need by making a scheduled appointment for:
• Any chronic complaint
(has lasted more than a week)
• Headaches
• Constipation
• Abdominal pain
• Joint pains
• Feeding problems
• Behavior issues
• School problems
• Sports/school physicals
• Sleep problems
• Chronic asthma
• Medication checks or changes
• Allergies
• Bedwetting
• Warts

If you have any questions, please give us a call! 585-426-4100